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Stream your favorite movies and series in Spanish for free straight from the FlixLatino app or on the web with FlixLatino gratis!


This site is based on the popular Bollywood celebrities and their great achievements.

Latest information related to movies, series, entertainment

Here you will get all the information related to movies webseries and many other interesting things. Visit us online today for more latest entertainment , Movies and Web series news.


BAAFTA in association with Trinity College of London offers various courses for all the aspiring actors, filmmaking, theatre artists, and anchors for TV, reality shows, news


BAAFTA - Bangalore Academy of Acting, Film making, Theatre & Anchoring BAAFTA has a structured curriculum to nurture & train aspiring students in visual & performing arts by the industry professionals. BAAFTA offers courses for all age students. We offer certificate courses for aspirants with an emphasis on practical experience in all disciplines

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