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Basics of Machine Learning- Solve real-world problems

Basics of Machine Learning- Solve real-world problems The Basics of Machine Learning course designed to introduce students to machine learning. We define the foundational concepts of machine learning, including the algorithmic perspectives on this topic, and explore some of its everyday applications. Machine learning is a method of Artificial Intel

Email Communication & Etiquette’s

Email Communication & Etiquette’s – For Effective Business Communication. Email communication, professional email writing skills are very important in today’s job market. This skills are the tool that every employer wants!. This course is designed for any one who wants to improve their communication skills via email, increase their business communi

Emotional Intelligence – Build Valuable Relationships.

Emotional Intelligence – Build Valuable Relationships. Emotional Intelligence course will help you master your own emotions, identify emotions in others, increase self-motivation and build valuable relationships. This ‘all-in-one’ pack contains an extensive collection of resources that can assist you on your mastery of the principles of emotional i

Software Architecture

Software Architecture This course is the definitive online course on software architecture for beginners. It starts with basic concepts and gradually brings you all the way up to advanced automated testing. Our mission during this Course is to make you a specialist in software design, software architecture design, and more. This course define a sof

Personal & Professional Effectiveness

Personal & Professional Effectiveness – Gain the Motivation The Personal & Professional Effectiveness course is for you if you want to feel more confident in everything you do. Gain the motivation, Self confidence, time management skills, problem solving skills and teaching skills that successful people have. This Course will help you develop effec

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