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Speech therapists often work one-on-one with clients and develop individualized plans to treat each client. Using written and oral tests, and special instruments, therapists diagnose the cause and extent of speech impairments and analyze these impairments along with language and swallowing differences. However, clients can take several online theor

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Dr Jwalant Mehta | Myelopathy Overview

Dr Jwalant Mehta is one of the top Spinal surgeons in United Kingdom and based out of Edgbaston, Birmingham. He specializes in dealing with Myelopathy dealing with any neurologic deficit related to the spinal cord.

10 Amazing Things that Babies Do Inside the Womb | Dr. Neeli

This blog is intended for mothers who are always curious to know what their babies are doing inside the wombs. Here are some 10 amazing facts about what babies do inside the womb while mothers keep on struggling against the symptoms that arises from time to time as the baby keeps growing by days and weeks.

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