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Facial surgery at the Esthetics Center in Malmö

The face is usually the first thing we see when meeting a new person. A fresh and spiked facial expression is perceived as attractive and opens many social doors. Therefore, it is no wonder that a large part of the plastic surgery focuses on the face. Over the years the skin loses its stress, the fat tissue decreases, and the wrinkles come. This is

Dr. Andrew B. Denton Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andrew Denton, board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, is committed to providing his patients undergoing cosmetic procedures with the most advanced and up to date surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial and body rejuvenation.

Plastic Surgery & Dentistry in Malmö

We Want To Give You A More Beautiful Look, A Better Confidence And A Changed Life! Therefore, we have gathered the leading and experienced surgeons to realize your dream. Our skilled dentists also help you with both general and aesthetic dental care. With us, you're not just "one in the crowd". It's important that your experience feels safe and

Cosmetic Specialists Melbourne - Chelsea Cosmetics

Leading Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne with 20+ year experience in surgical & non-surgical natural looking treatment.

Breast & Body Clinic

Our mission for every patient – whether they have been newly diagnosed with cancer or want to aesthetically improve their breast – is to use the most advanced technology to bring the very best possible outcome and patient care.

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