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Total fertility rate (TFR) is the most commonly used metric which measures the average number of births per woman in a population. The global average fertility rate now is just below 2.5 children per woman. Over the last 50 years, the global fertility rate decreased as modern men and women are choosing to have fewer children. In the pre-modern era, the fertility rates of 4.5 to 7 children per woman are considered as high fertility rates and these were most common. This is a good fertility rate. This was true for the U.S, the UK, Russia, India and China and many other countries.


Generic RU486 is a trusted pill for abortion. It has been medically approved and in the last two decades, millions of women did abortion with Generic RU486 abortion pills. It contains the vital ingredient Mifepristone which performs a primary role in the process of medication abortion.


Mifeprex is the primary medication in the process of terminating unwanted pregnancy by using abortion pills. It is generally prescribed with Misoprostol. Women can buy Mifeprex online and do an abortion for the pregnancy under 8 weeks of gestation.


Cytolog pills are used in medication abortion where only medicines are used to remove the pregnancy. Women buy Cytolog online along with Mifepristone, which is prescribed generally in combination with Cytolog to have an effective medication abortion.


MTP kit abortion pills have two types of medication namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These are commonly known as abortion pills. The kit contains four 200 mcg pills of Misoprostol and a single 200 mg Mifepristone pill. This is a standard dose for terminating early pregnancy under 8 weeks of gestation and women can buy MTP kit online to get it i

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