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How to Set Up Synology Router?

For Synology Router type or from your Web browser.For the initial setup of the Synology Router, you can use your computer or any wireless device which is connected to the Synology Router’s local network. For Assitance call us at (917) 732 0091 Or Visit

How do I log into my D Link router?

To login d-link router local router, open your web browser on your device and enter dlinkrouter.local or 10.0.02 in the URL bar and press the enter key then, the login page will appear in your screen. you have to enter a login detail username and password after that you will successfully login.

How do I access my Asus router?

You want to login to the Asus router page, Open your browser and type or IP address into the URL bar then type username and password then, you can access to the router configuration page. If you still fail, contact our support team.

How to log into my Orbi router?

If you fail login Netgear Orbi router, you have to follow these simple steps, open a web browser on your PC and type into the URL bar then enter the username and password of the router and click on login button.

How do I log into my TP Link Router?

To Login Tp-Link router, firstly you have to check the TP-link router connected both Wi-Fi network and network cable then, open a web browser and type or IP address and enter the username and password. After that, you will successfully login.

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