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Cyber Crime firm in India | R K Dewan Patent Attorney

The firm has special experience in handling cases where the Internet is used to commit fraud/cheating & especially where mischief is done on social media.

Criminal Law in India | R K Dewan Patent Attorney in India

The members of the Criminal Law Enforcement Team work extensively on criminal trials and the appellate side in various jurisdictions across the country.

Anti-Counterfeiting Services in India | R K Dewan Attorney

R.K.Dewan & Co. provides efficient services in initiating & prosecuting anti-counterfeiting issues under the Trademark Act and Copyright Act, 1957.

How to Win your Child Custody Case

A child custody battle saps your energy and can take too long. With the right representation, it need not be so traumatizing or take long. Let us handle it for you. You and your children will be our biggest priority.

DUI Attorney Los Angeles

888-579-9996 After your arrest, you will have 10 days time to contact with the Department of Motor Vehicle in California and schedule hearing regarding your driving license suspension. In case of failure to schedule DMV hearing, you will lose your driving privileges.

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