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How to apply for Hajj visa online?

You can now get Hajj visa online within two days without the waste of time and without any difficulty. Just provide the essential documents for your Hajj journey and get your electronic visa. Try your best to book packages and get visa in advance to save big amount.

Acts to do during the Night of Qadr

One must take most advantages of Qadr that is the greatest blessing of Allah Almighty for Muslims. It is necessarily advised to spend most of the time in reciting Holy Quran, in offering worships, in making Dua and supplications to Him, and in doing Zikr of Allah.

Ways to book Umrah with travel agencies

Umrah has become very easy to book in this modern age of technology because you can book it online from anywhere. You are provided with the various options to book your Umrah and you can also customize your Umrah packages by your own. Just only contact the agents of trustworthy travel agencies and get your Umrah booked.

Importance of Islam and its five pillars

Human beings forgot Allah Almighty before the birth of Prophet Muhammad and humanity was near to destruction. Holy Prophet brought with him the blessings of Islam for people. He united all the human beings through a single religion and its basic teachings. These basics include Namaz, Roza, Zakat, one Kalma and Hajj to the House of Allah.

Spinning Reel

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