Yobitel communications

We are a Cloud-Native Services, Multi-Cloud Cluster Services and SaaS Management Platform Provider who enables the Digital Transformation visibility for end users through accelerated innovation of containerized application delivery, Data-driven self-service Business Intelligence Fabric tools and operational flexibility with Artificial Intelligence and Open Cloud Architecture with the motive of promoting more Cloud Native Services with increased business agility and intelligence automated Orchestration. Through our industry-leading and cutting edge technology solutions, we re-energize the process of dynamic infrastructure intelligence governance through our Cloud Center Stack Services and Yobibyte Multi-Cloud & Cluster Management platform. With our highly associated team, we serve customers across UK, Europe, and the Middle East, we deliver quality designs with better TCO & TVO operational excellence and high end fully managed consulting, technical support services.

Category : Science

Sub Category : Software

URL: https://www.yobitel.com/